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Gifts of real estate

There are many ways to make a gift of real estate. Some of the most common options are listed below:

  • Make an outright gift. Transfer your property to VCU during your lifetime or through your estate;
  • Convey your property into a charitable remainder trust. Receive income for life after the property sells and leave the remaining balance to the university when the trust terminates; or
  • Transfer the property to VCU, but retain its use during your lifetime. Earn a charitable deduction for making an irrevocable gift of your real estate to VCU while continuing to enjoy the use the property during your lifetime.

Because gifts of real estate can be complex and legal restrictions may limit VCU’s ability to own or sell a parcel of real estate, we will work closely with your throughout our due diligence process. Keep in mind: gifts of real estate require a qualified appraisal and can take time to complete-contact VCU early in your decision-making process.

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